How to Turn on Desktop site option in Chrome Browser [2020]

Practical easy solutions for open Desktop version of  any website in Chrome Android App 2020. It is very easy to switch from Mobile view to Desktop view in Android Chrome Browser Enable Desktop Mode  in Android Chrome Browser   Step 1 : Open the  Chrome browser  on  Android. Step 2 : Open any website that you want to view in  desktop mode. Step 3 : Click on  top right side 3 dots for the  menu options. Step 4 :  Select  the checkbox  against the  Desktop site . Step 5 : The page will  automatically reload. Here we go the  desktop site view is enable  on your android phone.  

How to Hide Subscriber on YouTube 2020[Latest Method][PC&Mobile]

Practical Step by Step guide for Hide Subscriber on YouTube 2020[New Method].In 2020 YouTube Subscriber disable option change. Easily Hide subscribers using this method . New to YouTube or Stuck how to Hide Subscriber Count After this post your problem will definitely solve. Methods  1.PC/Laptop 2.Mobile   Hide YouTube Subscriber on YouTube using PC/Laptop Step 1 : Sign   in to YouTube   Step 2 : Top right click on your channel icon Step 3 : Click YouTube Studio Step 4 : Click Setting-> Channel->Advance Setting Step 5 : Scroll down and under Subscribe Count   uncheck  " Display the number of people subscribed to my channel " Step 6 :Click on  Save  Hide Subscriber YouTube On PC Detail Explain After Sign In. Step 1 : Click on your Channel Icon. Step 2  : Click YouTube Studio   Step 3 : In YouTube Studio -> Setting  Step 4 : Click on Channel   Step 5 : Click Advance Setting  Step 6 :  Scroll down and under  Subscribe Count   uncheck  " Display the number

30+ Best Popular Free Books [2020 Ebooks Download]

I know find best free books online was not easy but i have awesome free Ebooks [ 164,448 Reviews on books] for you.You can easily download and read. So let's get started !! Please Watch out all list because some books are at Bottom but have 5000+ Reviews[Thank You]   30+ Best Free Books 2020 [Ebooks Download] 1.The Time Machine 2.VOL 2 - A Picture Book - THE SECRET SEX DIARY OF AN INDIAN GIRL 3.Dark Humor 4.Why Men And Women Can't Be Friends: The Ugly Truth About Men 5.13 Ways to Improve Your Life 6.The Morning Habits: 10 Things that Highly Successful People Do Every Morning 7.Just Friends 8.Spooky Sweet 9.HI STRANGER! 10.The Research Magnificent 11.Witch Hunt 12.GATE Overflow for GATECSE 13.Sex Criminals 14.Mahatma Gandhi and His Myths 15.The Invisible Man 16.Maggie for Hire 17.The Enemy of an Enemy 18.The Bestseller 19.Ruthless King 20.The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes 21.War and Peace: With bonus material from Give War and Peace A Chance by Andrew D. Kaufman 22.After the Cure